Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep the castle?
The castles have a minimum of 2 hour hire period.  If you require the castle longer then please let us know at the time of booking.  Same goes if you only require it for a shorter time.

What happens if it rains on the hire day?
Some of our castles are available with shower covers, and that is all they are, the Bouncy castle is not to be used if it gets too wet, as it can be very dangerous. If it is very wet on your hire day you may cancel if you wish without charge.

Do you need anything from us?
Yes, please make sure we have plenty of access room; we need at least 3 foot wide hall or passageway to move the bouncy castle into your venue\hall\garden. Please ensure that the site for the bouncy castle is clear, it must be clear of sharp objects such as rocks any debris, large stones and Dog Pooh! If we feel that the site is unsuitable we will not leave the bouncy castle. We need access to a power point within at least 30m of the bouncy castle.

How much room does the bouncy castle require?
This depends on the inflatable you have hired, but as a rule they require at least 6 foot behind the castle and 4 foot either side of the castle and in an ideal world at least 10 foot all around especially the front.

Can the castle go indoors?
Yes, we will shortly have a list of halls and clubs available for hire, and a list of the castles that will fit each venue.

When can I book\hire a Castle?
Our bouncy castles are available for hire anytime BUT Xmas day and New Year’s Day Have Surcharge on. Plus we don’t hire OVERNIGHT. We can get very busy, particularly in the summer; it is best to book early.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we do require a deposit from you to secure the Castle that you want.

How do we book?
You can book by calling these telephone numbers Home 06 327 5271 Mobile 021 1262411, Email: ffe@vodafone.co.nz

Do you deliver?
Yes, we do deliver and Setup/Packdown there will be a delivery charge depends on your location.

Are there any age limits?
Yes, our insurers will not allow anybody over the age of 16 on any of our inflatables, which in turn means they are designed and built with that age limit in mind. If we find anybody over that age is or has been using the inflatable we will have to send it off for safety testing, this costs around $200.00 + any losses we may incur through not being able to hire the inflatable out. The hirer will be held responsible and will be expected to pay for all costs and losses incurred. Some castles are Rated for Adults Please ask if going to be used by ADULTS.!!

Can we collect the bouncy castle?
No, our insurance cover does not allow for you to collect and erect any of our inflatables.

Can you supervise the inflatable?
Yes, we can provide supervision of the bouncy castle or inflatable, we charge per hour per person for supervision.

What do we get?
You get the inflatable you requested, a groundsheet for the bouncy castle to sit on if available, the blower, rain cover if available, 30m extension lead, circuit breaker safety plug, and last but not least top quality service with a smile.

Are you reliable?
Yes, very, we have 3 children and have witnessed their disappointment first hand, when they were let down by a hirer prior to our starting up. If for any unforeseen reason we are going to be late we will endeavor to let you know as soon as we do!



Jason & Angela Jones